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  Fatai (Tianjin) Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tasly Holding Group. It is mainly engaged in the research and development of drip pill equipment, customized design and manufacturing of pillow packaging equipment, medical engineering design and management (EPCM), and industrial automation and software development. High-tech enterprise for business. Its predecessor was Tasly Group Engineering Technology Center. In 2005, it implemented corporate operations. Relying on the successful practice of undertaking the construction of international GMP standard factories by leading pharmaceutical companies for many years, it implements the guideline of "Quality comes from top-level design, and standards lies in precise execution". The industry requirements of the most refined process, the shortest process, the least pollution, the lowest energy consumption, and the least investment and the work concept of “digitalization, scale and modularization” have built Fatai's world-leading and industry-leading technology and equipment manufacturing advantages.
  As one of the core business units of Tasly's "National and Local Joint Engineering Laboratory for Advanced Chinese Medicine Manufacturing Technology" and "Digital Innovation Production Capability in the Field of Modern Chinese Medicine Manufacturing", Fatai has continued to carry out technological innovation and technology. Creation, its research and development has a number of national patents and independent intellectual property rights of the fifth-generation high-speed magnetic levitation vibration dropping pill equipment platform is in the world's leading position, providing strong equipment support for the modernization and internationalization of Chinese medicine, exploration and practice in the field of intelligent manufacturing Helped Tasly to win the National Industrial Award.
  The packaging equipment is developed and manufactured in accordance with EU standards, and is at the leading level in the industry. In addition to dozens of pillow packaging lines serving Tasly pills and granules, with a cumulative output value of nearly 10 billion yuan, it also provides high-quality and fast speed for many listed companies and well-known pharmaceutical companies , Efficient customized services, enjoy a high reputation in the industry.
  Pharmaceutical engineering design and management has undertaken the design and construction management of billions of yuan in extraction, preparation and health supplies engineering projects. The Shengte company project independently designed and managed by it has passed the EU certification. Tasly Yunnan Biological Tea Valley is In the industrial tourism demonstration base, many projects have become windows and business cards for enterprises to publicize and display.
  Industrial automation and software development undertook China's first Chinese medicine extraction intelligent unmanned factory project, and carried out strategic cooperation with Siemens, a well-known multinational company, to jointly develop the Chinese medicine industry MES system, and promote the development of intelligent manufacturing business of industrial enterprises in northern China.
   Hang the clouds and sail straight to the sea, and I am the peak when the mountain climbs to the top. Facing the fierce competition and challenges of economic globalization and internationalization, Fatai will take advantage of China’s smart manufacturing in 2025, relying on platform-based cooperation, featuring customized services, and aiming for complete customer satisfaction. Outstanding pharmaceutical equipment and engineering service providers are moving forward.

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